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TSCM - Eavesdropping Countermeasures


Executive World Services conducts technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) surveys and technical security evaluations for U.S. corporations and government facilities. Techniques and equipment utilized in electronic information theft and surveillance vary widely in sophistication and design, from the simplest "spy shop" devices to the most complex surveillance systems in use by professional espionage teams. EWS offers two TSCM Survey Programs, each at a different level of security. Technical Security Risk Evaluations are also available.

TSCM Surveys TSCM surveys are offered at two security levels:

Base TSCM Survey
is designed to address eavesdropping attacks involving low to mid-range technology bugs, devices, and surveillance techniques. At this level, technical threats generally involve commonly encountered surveillance methods using more traditional technologies.
Information Security Class: Low / Mid-range Security
Threat Application: Spy shop, bugs, devices, and surveillance techniques
Average Time Required: Variable, one or two technicians
Comprehensive TSCM Survey
is designed to enhance corporate and government security programs at upgraded security facilities. At this level TSCM procedures address espionage threats involving professional bugs, intercept devices, and surveillance techniques using non-traditional and advanced technologies intended to complicate discovery. Laboratory grade electronic instrumentation, advanced TSCM equipment, and increased time-on-site is required.
Information Security Class: Restricted / High Security
Threat Application: Professional bugs, devices, and surveillance techniques
Average Time Required: Variable, multiple technicians
Technical Security Risk Evaluations Technical Security Evaluations are designed to assist executives in establishing and achieving technical security objectives consistent with current espionage threats. Formal evaluations of all physical security enhancements, access controls, IDS systems, audio countermeasures, data/communications networks, CCTV systems, and other facility systems are conducted to identify technical hazards and vulnerabilities that might be exploited by an adversary. Recommendations are provided to "harden" the client's facility against technical attack.
Information Security Class: Restricted / High Security
Threat Application: Professional bugs, devices, and surveillance techniques
Average Time Required: Variable, multiple technicians

All of our TSCM Survey procedures overlap to provide effective detection and nullification of technical audio, video, and data eavesdropping devices such as free space radio transmitters (analog, digital, frequency hopping, burst, and spread spectrum), carrier current transmitters, light transmitters, laser techniques, hidden video cameras, fiber optic taps, telephone system taps, line instrument compromises, local and wide area area network taps and unauthorized intercept points, fax intercepts, wired microphones, and many other electronic surveillance techniques intended to facilitate information theft, intercept private conversation, and exploit existing facility systems for intelligence purposes.

EWS security teams are equipped with laboratory grade test instrumentation and proprietary TSCM equipment designed to acquire signals and emissions, capture waveforms and images, and make precise measurements to enable the detection of eavesdropping devices and intercepts.

Some of our instrumentation and capabilities include:
  • Analog & Digital RF Spectrum Analysis
  • Digital Modulation Analysis
  • Comprehensive IT Network Examination
  • Computer Controlled RF Search / Intercept Receivers
  • Metallic & Fiber Optic Cabling Analysis
  • Time Domain Reflectometry
  • Non-linear Junction Detection
  • Infrared Signals Detection & Demodulation
  • High Resolution Thermal Imaging
  • Proprietary TSCM & Test Equipment
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